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Work-Life Balance for All Attorneys

As a Firm, we recognize the inherent challenges involved in balancing high-quality legal practice with life outside of work. These challenges are often magnified for attorneys with children, as we know from experience — more than half of the Firm’s lawyers are parents.  

“I would advise women to go into a legal career recognizing that it is possible to do everything — to have a fulfilling career and also have a great personal and family life. It obviously takes a lot of juggling, but I am a firm believer that it is possible.”
--Sarah E. Cogan, Retired Partner

To address work-family needs, the Firm has an expanded Flexible Work Arrangements Program. We offer our attorneys a wide range of flexible-work options, including: reduced-hours schedules at 60% to 80% of the workweek and telecommuting. Over the years, many attorneys have utilized these flexible work options to help balance their personal and professional lives. 

Simpson Thacher also allows Time Out Leaves, enabling eligible lawyers to take unpaid absence from the Firm lasting one to three years. A Time Out Leave permits a lawyer to devote an extended period to family responsibilities. Furthermore, the Firm has a long history of supporting lawyers who choose to work on a part-time basis in their career advancement; in fact, in 1992, Simpson Thacher became the first-ever firm to elect to partnership a lawyer who was working on a part time basis. 

First-Ever Firm
The first-ever firm to elect to
partnership a lawyer who was working on a part-time basis.

We also endeavor to provide lawyers with substantial support in the critical months following the arrival of a new child. Attorneys are entitled to 18 weeks of paid primary caregiver leave, and one month of paid secondary caregiver leave for births or adoptions. Primary caregivers may also take an additional eight weeks, and secondary caregivers an additional 12 weeks, of unpaid leave. 

The Firm maintains lactation rooms for new mothers to facilitate their transition back to work. Additionally, we offer back-up childcare for employees in our U.S. offices through Bright Horizons, a national day care center, as well as temporary in-home child and eldercare services on an emergency basis.