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We want to help new associates seek out advice and guidance in making the transition from law school to law practice. Along with department-specific training, the Firm provides a network of dedicated mentors, across different levels of seniority, to help associates with integration, growth and development.

Incoming associates are assigned partner and associate mentors, and many give direct input on the mentoring matches.  New York corporate associates are assigned partner mentors once they join a permanent group.

All mentors and mentees are encouraged to get to know each other professionally and personally.  Mentors help to guide mentees on all aspects of professional development - whether that be talking through types of experiences and skills learned on different matters, giving background on the client perspective, or learning how to juggle multiple matters.  First year associates are paired with a partner mentor for their first three years at the firm, and the connection continues to strengthen over time.  In addition, incoming associates, together with their mentors, often participate in small-group mentoring activities with other attorneys.  Mentors and mentees often work together, and there is a dedicated member of the administrative team who helps oversee and coordinate everything involved with the mentoring program.  Mentoring at Simpson includes opportunities to connect with more senior lawyers over a tasty meal, a great workout class or working together on a pitch. 

Lawyers at all levels actively participate in mentoring efforts at Simpson Thacher.  All associates are encouraged to develop an informal network of relationships through direct work with partners and more senior associates on various assignments.  In fact, some of the most critical mentoring takes place as associates become more senior and even after an associate becomes a partner. This is supported and actively encouraged by the firm, as mentoring unfolds naturally at all stages of an attorney's career.